So I went on holiday, read a book and now I’ve got to think about my life


Apologies if this blog is a bit rubbish but I’m still desperately tired after coming back from holidaying in Turkey for a week. All that sun, free food and drink really does take its toll. That and flying. It wasn’t a cultural experience per se, I rarely left the hotel and all I learned about Turkish culture was that I don’t really like the way women are treated in their society and the label food more hilariously than IKEA. Chicken Oven you say? Okay!

Whilst out by the pool all of my friends at home found out what grade they passed University with, it took me until the early hours of one of the mornings when a new friend told me you can actually get free wi-fi. I passed with a 2:1 and I’m partly over the moon, and partly… meh.

There’s many reasons for this: pretty much everyone I saw on Facebook got a 2:1 or1st (well done everyone!) so whilst we are all awesome, we are so awesome its going to be hard to stand out. Also, with the media and the kinds of work me and my peers want to go into, it is more about experience and who you know more. And I’d like to think I’ve had amazing practical experience and have started making some good networking connections.

Now that I’m back I’ve got to hit the ground running,  or chances are going to pass me by. The deadline for the work experience on the new Rizzle Kicks video passed whilst I was on holiday, and it was something I heard about as soon as they announced it. I’m kicking myself for that one, music is one of the areas I’d love to work in somehow and the music video is a great, short, sharp way of pulling off some fantastic visuals and camerawork without being bogged down in character or story too much. But alas, I thought the date was after my holiday and that I’d make some quirky video whilst in Turkey to apply for it, on the second day I log onto the free WiFi and slapped in the face with a ‘the deadline is at midnight tomorrow’ on my Facebook wall – dated 15 hours before I read it. Darn.

 I’ve also been a bit lazy in trying to get an article I’ve written for a pretty popular music site published, well I say lazy maybe overcautious. I don’t want to come across as a nag but it could really open doors for me, and at least look great on the CV. A look of media jobs are looking for people with some experience outside of University and that’s something I need to build up more. But I also need to find a house of my own again or my temporary stay with my parents will be longer than I’d like, which means I’m going to have to find a part-time job to keep my bank account looking healthier but allowing my time to pursue my artistic, career endeavours.

It’s all a bit of a balancing act that I’m definitely over-thinking too much. Which brings me onto a book I read on my holiday…

Now I very rarely read books (I did when I was younger, but then I discovered PlayStation and that was that) but when I do read one, I make sure I choose a good one. OK, that’s an understatement: Gypsy Boy by Mikey Walsh is absolutely fantastic.

I won’t spoil it but its incredibly well-written, shocking and a great balance of humour, character and pace. I’m not going to go into full on review mode or spoil anything but I do want to talk about how of all I things I felt once I turned the last page (about two hours after turning the first one – yep I read the whole thing in 2 hours and caught a nasty sunburn), the thing I feel the most is Inspired.

Right now, I’m panicking myself into thinking if I don’t make the right decisions now, my life will be rubbish and I’ll be working in some dead-end job I hate forever. But I look at how well Mikey is doing, after going through things so much worse than me (I cannot even state how much), not even having a proper education and I find myself thinking how trivial my worrying is. So thank you, Mr Walsh, you turned your life around from a situation many would call unthinkable through sheer hard work, determination and will-power. As long as I keep that in mind, I’ll be just fine.

I hope.


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