As part of Exposure Radio 2013 (for the University of Glamorgan – now South Wales) a new, 15 minute drama was broadcast daily over the course of three weeks. The first of these dramas to air was TIME HEROES, a science fiction drama written by myself. It also starred myself, members of my course and produced by Radio students.

As an aspiring writer and fan of all things pop culture, Time Heroes was a joy to write. I penned it over Christmas whilst suffering from the over-indulgence that comes with it. Inspired by the escapism of the films, TV shows and video games me and my family were all watching or playing at the time, I wanted to write something not inhibited by budget like my student film projects were. So I asked myself, what could I get away with just using sounds? Time travel, dinosaurs and Nazis!

Obviously the piece is pretty tongue in cheek (I love it when people spot the references) but I hope there is a genuine sense of character, world and threat that people could see it as the first in a long-running serial – which is how I imagined it. It currently stands at just the one episode, but I have many, MANY ideas floating round my head and if there is interest or I have a massive brain wave then this page will be updated.

In the meanwhile, enjoy!


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