New Music: Janelle Monae (!!!) Neon Jungle (Oooh) One Direction (…)

Now that I’ve managed to drag myself away from the Pet Shop BoysElectric’ album long enough to see what else is new and floating around, I’ve come across three songs that are, as they say, ‘worth a listen’:

First up, Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic

You may know of Janelle Monae, or at least I hope you’ve heard ‘Tightrope’. Your life instantly becomes 142.693% better as soon as you do. I only bit the bullet and downloaded the parent album, the ArchAndroid quite recently (its from 2010, bad Joe) and it takes a while to wrap your around. Monae likes to throw everything into her songs, swapping genres on the fly, crazy ad-libs and interesting guest features. Two months ago, the pint-sized pop star launched her new album campaign with ‘Q.U.E.E.N’ featuring Erykah Badu and its nice enough, but ‘Dance Apocalyptic’  is a BEAST! 

There’s hooks aplenty, an insanely catchy beat and a great chorus. I can see Bruno Mars doing something like that, and I hope it becomes as popular as ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’. Just look at the video! Janelle has such tremendous energy, and those vocals, those moves… she is actually the perfect package. And the video is great too, from that intro through the out-of-the-blue interlude to the end. ‘Your chicken taste like pork?’ may be one of my new phrases. ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ is definitely my new jam, and the album ‘The Electric Lady’ (notice how its title is similar to the PSB one?) is one to look out for in September.

Next, Neon Jungle – Trouble

Not a Taylor Swift and no goats to be found. Neon Jungle are basically pre-label Stooshe (or maybe the Dolly Rockers if you remember them) with a pinch of  Ke$ha (the love of whisky, general trashiness) and Icona Pop (just the whole sound of the song). This one should easily be a hit, with club-friendly production and a chorus everyone’s going to be singing along with the first time they hear it. Let’s see if they last and become the fourth Big UK Girl Group right now.

And finally…. One Direction – Best Song Ever

First things first, this is not the best song ever. Not even by ‘1D’ standards, but its going to be everywhere and sell loads so you may get used to it. Also, its not actually meant to be premiered yet but it leaked and has been uploaded/taken down from YouTube many times already. So if the video doesn’t work, sorry. And if it does work, sorry. It’s been pitched up so it sounds a bit weird but you get a good idea of what’s about. ‘Oh Oh Oh’s and ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’s replace the ‘na na na’s but its pretty standard for the boys: not great lyrics, simple rock/pop production and a… sample of The Who?!? That sounds like ‘Baba O’Reilly’ at the start to me. Maybe that’s what they think the best song ever is. It’s a fair shout I guess. But I’m wondering with the Blondie/Undertones mashup ‘One Way Or Another’ and now The Who sample, are 1D (or rather, the producers/management) trying to appeal to the parents of the kids as well?

Or, more likely, make the fact the kids will constantly demand the boys CD on in the car a little bit more bearable?

Oh and Corrie ‘actress’ Helen Flannigan has a single/music video out. I’m not going to cover it because its a bit ‘NSFW’ and also… I’ve just talked about One Direction, I’m meant to be talking about things I LIKE.