This section is dedicated to my television presenting endeavours. Below is my showreel of ten minutes created from Exposure TV. Exposure was a two week live television project, broadcast from the University of Glamorgan (now South Wales) ATRiuM campus and made by the students.

Exposure Presenters

Hopefully Exposure is just the first step for me, as presenting is a dream of mine. This is a page I would hope to upload a lot more in the future.

The showreel is made up of six different clips. For my assessment I had to write about each of them, the assessment (and Uni, sadly) is now over and done with but I’ll leave these here for your reading please:


 This is just a short, 30 second piece to camera. The purpose of this is to just give an introduction to Exposure TV and to myself as a person and as a presenter. First impressions are, of course, incredibly important – especially in the media. I hope I come across in this little piece as funny and eager , especially the latter as this was recorded a day before Exposure went live and was my first time in the studio. A lot of this is completely ad-libbed as this is the style I like to use. My humour is slightly irreverent but inoffensive (I don’t actually think daytime TV is rubbish!) and more than slightly geeky.


 This clip demonstrates an in-studio interview that I led. Karl Rees at the time was a fellow ATRiuM student who had won a competition for a horror short. This was a subject I was incredibly passionate about, as I adore films and low-budget filmmaking, so I took the reigns. I believe this clip shows my enthusiasm for the project and the fact he is going to get proper DVD distribution. We (the presenters) were instructed to introduce the clip but I felt it was a lot better to have Karl do it, seeing as the short is his baby. I didn’t want to ask too many questions, instead me and Danielle prepared open questions so our guest could do most of the talking. I feel this interview had a journey, beginning with why Karl was on the course he was, through this current project to me asking where he sees himself in five years time. This clip has been cut down from the original four minute length, but I felt this interview could have gone on for a lot longer. However, Live TV has a strict schedule to adhere to so you have to make sure to wrap up when told. I also included my in and out links to the interview, as I feel they help contextualise the interview and show how I link parts of the show together. The Game of Thrones comment is totally ad-libbed and hopefully it shows me injecting my own passions into my presenting as well as reading the autocue.


This clip purposefully follows the last one to show the contrast between in-studio and on location interviews. As this piece was focused on the location rather than just the guest, the original package consisted of the introduction, interview, lots of scenery shots and vox pops. For this clip I have chosen the introduction and interview as they demonstrate me keeping professional and composed in a busy environment. I hope this clip also shows that I can interview a famous person in the same way I interview one of my University peers. As I wrote in my blog at the time “The gallery was a great venue for the piece, it had his most famous work (Simon Cowell with marmite and toast) as well as most controversial works like Rupert Murdoch made out of newspaper images, Margaret Thatcher drawn with coal and recent works like Geri Halliwell created using ginger spice”. As well as being a showcase for my on location presenting, this piece also works to show the eye for visual flair of my camerawoman and producer for this piece, Sophia.


This was an incredibly fun thing to be a part of and I believe this shows on the clip as well. The aim of this presenter challenge was to rub Vaseline on one’s nose and use it to stick cotton wool balls to your nose and move it from one bowl to another. I took part in two challenges during Exposure and was the judge of a third. I chose this one however as it was the most fun and I think this shows how we had a laugh doing it but didn’t descend into giggling too much. The jokes about cheating are a few little light hearted jabs at Abi, my co-presenter, who I believed was breaking the rules and shows our rapport as hosts. This clip is pretty brief but I wanted to include another link at the start to show the smooth transition between the end of one item and the start of another.



This clip demonstrates my ability to give anything a go. I’m not adverse to exercising but I much rather do it in private and at my own pace. However, to make good TV I will happily throw myself into (almost) anything. In tandem with the presenter challenge, and my introduction, this package really shows that I love to make a fool of myself and be silly to raise a smile. I don’t want to be seen as a stiff presenter, or one who thinks they are incredibly cool, and therefore hard to relate to. The fantastic 80’s montage edit hopefully makes me and Robyn look better than we actually felt we were on the day, especially me who wasn’t feeling very well during the training session. Finally, although we filmed an interview after the session with Sabrina, our trainer, the producers elected to use my closing link which was meant to be an ad-libbed outtake. I think this proved I was the go-to guy for comical, light hearted pieces as shown later in the showreel.


Balancing out the comedic with the more professional standard is this clip of me in The Cloud. The Cloud is the social media hub for Exposure, and is the job of the presenter to read and react to tweets from the audience, discuss trends and other items. Social media is incredibly huge now and an essential part of any magazine style show, and I enjoyed being able to interact with people at home. Although not shown in this clip, during my time in The Cloud I researched the trends of the day and prepared a short piece on them to talk about, as well as a Spotlight segment related to students. I wanted to use this clip in particular to show my reactions and interactions with the tweets, especially as I was reading these tweets for the first time live and my reactions were completely on the spot.


 Returning the point made about Clip#4, I think I proved to be the person the producers went to when they needed a comedic piece. For the last day of Exposure I was specifically brought in to make an ‘alternative’ best of piece and was given free reign on how to go about it. Taking cues from the compilation episodes of panel shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I made a sarcastic behind the scenes style package. Playing a David Brent type character on a power trip, me and cameraman Jack filmed a few spoof links, with everyone apart from the two of us completely unaware. To add a bit of variety the final part of the clip has me parodying David Attenborough’s voiceover, which was a lot of fun to do and required a few takes! I think of all the clips, the really sums up my perhaps left-field style of presentation and that I am can be relied upon to come up with ideas for packages such as this quickly.



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