Why I’m Not Going Next-Gen For A While

Recently I’ve started blogging on IGN.com, a famous video games, film and TV website I particularly adore. My first post on there was a general ‘about me’ thing so I decided it wasn’t really worth re-posting on here. I’ve just published another post on there I’m going to link to here, and I’ll do the same for anything I publish on there about video games.

My music posts will be published here, and linked to from IGN whilst posts about films or TV shows I’m not sure which way around I’ll do it. WordPress is such a larger site with a huge range of topics covered in blogs its hard to get traffic for the kind of things I write about, whereas on IGN everyone is on there to read about the same things.

Anyway, here is the link to my latest IGN Blog; Why I’m Not Going Next-Gen For A While